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Four-Sided Flop Games

Four-Sided Flop Games Digital Wooden Board Game Fun Family Parent-Child Game Party Travel Learning Educational Toys Math Toy
10.00 JOD

Monopoly Box for girls

Monopoly board game for family
10.00 JOD

The Rudder

The game Improves skills of strategical thinking, problem solving, attention, planning, locu sing, calculating probability, speed, collabration, decision making.
15.00 JOD 9.00 JOD

Roll Ball

• 1 pcs Hexagonal gaming table • 14 pcs red ball • 14 pcs black ball • User's guide
15.00 JOD 12.00 JOD

Scrabble Arabic Letters

Scrabble original board game for family
15.00 JOD 10.50 JOD

Tic Tac Toe and Dumen Game

Tic Tac Toe : one of the most interesting paper and pencil game for two players , The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner. How To Play ? 1. The game is played on a grid that's 3 squares by 3 squares. 2. You are X, your friend is O. Players take turns putting their marks in empty squares. 3. The first player to get 3 of her marks in a row (up, down, across, or diagonally) is the winner. 4. When all 9 squares are full, the game is over. If no player has 3 marks in a row, the game ends in a tie.
10.00 JOD