Family Games

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Chess game (SATRANC)

Intelligence , logic and strategy game. Have fun with your family, children and friends with Chess game! Make your move and surprise your opponent!
12.00 JOD 10.00 JOD

Colorful wooden Domino

Colorful wooden dominoes allow making different fun patterns, shapes and designs.
12.00 JOD

Small Monopoly

Monopoly board game for family
5.00 JOD 4.00 JOD

Risk game

Build the army and occupy the neighboring countries. RSC is a strategic game that requires patience and intelligence. It can be played with family and friends
10.00 JOD 8.50 JOD

Scrabble English Letters

Scrabble original board game for family
6.00 JOD

Four In A Row Tile

One of the Most Popular Board Games of all time , Connect 4 pieces of your color in a line(vertical , horizontal or diagonal) before your opponent.
12.00 JOD