Privacy Policy

Kadohat has established this privacy data to demonstrate our commitment to privacy policy.


General Principles:

As detailed below, each piece of information to be collected in this site is exclusively for our use and is not subject for sharing with any other party, whether private or public, and for any reason whatever it is, and for unlimited period. We will not sell nor give up the data which we are permitted to keep. We do not purchase data from any other sources.


Statistical Data:

Kadohat system tracks the IP addresses and related pages quietly as most of world servers, so that it helps promoting continuously the site and sustaining its continuity. This data is displayed in the form of statistics used by Kadohat in strict secrecy for identifying the most crowded days and times of days, weeks or months, and for tracking the pages containing errors for processing them. Such data is not used for any other reasons mentioned above.


Personal data and Orders Forms:

For the purpose of tracking customers’ orders, or for referring to them later to help providing customers with service, Kadohat saves data in case you complete an order form in our site, bearing in mind that the data of credit cards and payment data will not be saved, where in this case, you may choose to remove completely such data by sending an e-mail to this address:, showing in this e-mail the purpose of your request.

We do not at all save or store any data relating to your credit card.


Amendment / Removing of Data:

In case you wish to amend or remove data relating to your own data, please send e-mail to this address: detailing the purpose of your request; or communicate with us through any of the communication means available outlined on the site.


Cookies files

What are cookies files?
These are small files stored on your own computer. They are designed for storing a limited amount of data for a certain site and a certain customer, and which is accessible through a server and PC belonging to you and to customers.

As is the case generally in electronic sites, Kadohat uses cookies files to identify users and improve their shopping mechanism and process. These files do not contain data. They identify the identity of users.


Kadohat may seek the help of third parties such as advertising companies to collect and prepare necessary reports from data and services relating to clients, which will help tracking and measuring the shopping performance and the response to efforts made in the shopping process through the site and social media relating to him.

These parties (advertising companies) are expected to use cookies files for measuring the advertising performance and for tracking users’ shopping experience through the site and their purchasing activities.